JONANCO  Hobby Workshop


Our History:

Since 1974, JONANCO has been a “hobby haven” for crafters and hobbyists alike, Spread the word!


The JONANCO Hobby Workshop was started by a group of rock-hounders who wanted a location to pursue their hobbies in a dedicated space. A large two story building was raised by volunteers who contributed labour, materials and expertise.  The land, located at the corner of Nanaimo River Road and White Rapids Road, was donated by John Colwell, one of the original rock-hounders.  The workshop was named JONANCO from the words “John and Company”, and has held true to its humble beginnings.

Membership is run on an annual basis.  Non-members are welcome to come out and take part in any of the activities with only a $6.00 cost to drop-in and try things out!

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Celebrating 40+ Years!!

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